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France Self Drive Tour

France Self Drive Tour

Discover France: 18 Days/17 Nights from Paris to Paris


Day 1 | Paris – Pick up your rental car
0 km*

Welcome to Paris – one of the world’s most beautiful cities and the capital of France. A city of world-class restaurants, art galleries, shops and natural masterpieces, beautiful parks and gardens. See the Mona Lisa at the world famous Louvre Museum and the amazing Musee d’Orsay. Wander through the narrow lanes of Bohemian Montmartre, the artists’ community where you can watch them sketch as you sit at one of the many outdoor cafes. Take a romantic boat cruise on the River Seine. See the Arc de Triumph, one of Paris’ principal focal points and the Place de la Concorde, the largest square in France. The gothic Notre-Dame is the most famous of all cathedrals and is located in the heart of Paris on a small island, the Ile de la Cite.

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Day 2 | Paris
0 km*

Wonder through the city’s Left Bank (Rive Gauch) and see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Here you will come across colorful markets, lively cafes and the passionate Latin Quarter. Admire the dazzling window-displays and covered shopping malls of the Champs-Elysees, and the opulence of the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore where haute couture is displayed alongside ready-to-wear. This evening after a fabulous dinner visit one of Paris’ famous music hall shows at the Folies Bergere or the Moulin Rouge.

Day 3 | Paris – Nancy – Strasbourg
399.12 km*

From Paris drive across the Champagne area to Nancy, the artistic and intellectual capital of Lorraine, especially enjoyable if you like the sinuous, sexy belle époque form known as Art Nouveau. The Place Stanislas is a gigantic rectangle, surrounded by gloriously ornamental classical buildings, gilded wrought-iron gates and extravagant fountains. Completely restored it is now named a Unesco World Heritage Site. Drive to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, for your overnight stay. Strasbourg’s architecture is closely related to its history with its medieval influences seen primarily in the cityscape buildings located all around the city. Visit Strasbourg’s historic Le Petite France neighborhood with its cobblestone streets, fine restaurants, medieval buildings and good shopping. See the timber-framed houses with their wooden galleries and overhanging upper stories in Old Strasbourg. For your evening meal try the gourmet dish of foie gras.

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Day 4 | Strasbourg – Alsace – Colmar – Mulhouse – Besancon – Burgundy – Beaune
350.84 km*

Alsace, unlike other French Regions, has both French and German influences. Due to its dual Franco-Germanic cultures, the majority of the population speaks French with a decided German accent and the cuisine is a blend of French and German cooking. Your drive takes you along the Alsatian Wine Route to the city of Colmar, renowned for its well-preserved old town. Mulhouse is located on the plain between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine river, close to the Swiss and German borders. It is home to a fascinating Automobile and Railroad Museum, both of which hold unique collections. Set in beautiful surroundings close to the border of Switzerland, continue to Besancon, a city of art and history whose rich cultural life has always been that of a music-loving city. Cross into Burgandy and the city of Beaune, where we have arranged your overnight stay. Renowned for its artistic heritage, Beaune is the epicenter of one of the world’s great wine regions. Fortified in 1368 it was the residence of the Dukes of Burgundy before they moved to Dijon. Its most famous building is the Hotel-Dieu, which for over 500 years from 1451cared for the sick and has remained intact. With its fine architecture, decoration (ironwork, gabled dormers and weathervanes) its multi-colored glazed tiles and its old well, it seems more a palace of luxury than a place for the poor. Its internal courtyard in the Flemish-Burgundian style, the pharmacy, the nun”s quarters, the kitchens are all fascinating but it is the Great Hall which most completely evokes the spiritual dimension of the hospitals of yesteryear, remaining in service until 1959.

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Day 5 | Beaune – Lyon – Avignon
383.02 km*

Leave Beaune for the city of Lyon. Known for its famous restaurants and wonderful food, it has a reputation as the French capital of gastronomy. so be sure to have lunch there before your journey to Avignon where we have arranged your overnight stay. Protected by its ramparts, the historic core of Avignon is a lively center of art and culture, thanks to its architectural and artistic heritage. During the 14th century Avignon was the capital of the Christian world and was the temporary home of the Popes. The grand Palais des Papes is an impressive site to visit. See the bridge Saint Benezet from the popular song “Sur le pont d’Avignon” and enjoy the many parks and gardens.

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Day 6 | Avignon – Aix-en-Provence – Cannes – Nice (2)
175.42 km*

Leave Avignon for Aix-en-Provence – a town of water and a town of art. Built and developed around this dual identity it is all color and sensation with the golden stone of its facades and the transparent green of the fountains. Travel in time as you discover treasures simply by walking around the town. Drive on to Cannes on the French Riviera. Well known for the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place, each May, Cannes is a very fashionable destination in Europe with its beautiful Mediterranean beaches, luxury stores and restaurants. Just a short drive away is the attractive city of Nice where we have arranged your two-night stay. Enjoy Nice’s beaches, lovely seaside promenade, interesting museums, diverse shopping, splendid dining and lovely art-deco facades. Try the specialty of Nice, the soupe au pistou – a vegetable soup with basil. Take a walking tour of Nice’s Cours Saleya (Flower Market), with its abundance of ripe produce, sidewalk cafes, souvenir shops and of course lots of flowers.

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Day 7 | Nice – Explore the Riviera and Monaco-Nice
0 km*

Today discover the Cote d’Azur – The Blue Coast – as you follow the Mediterranean coastline and visit the glamorous seaside resorts of Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Cap-Ferrat and Saint-Tropez. Visit the fascinating principality of Monaco. In the 13th century the House of Grimaldi, descended from a Genoese nobleman, took power in Monaco, Antibes and Nice and built castles at Grimaud, Cagnes-sur-Mer and Antibes. The present Prince Albert II of Monaco (son of the late beloved Grace Kelly) is a descendant of the Grimaldis. The world’s smallest French speaking country it takes less than one hour to walk the width of Monaco. Enjoy its exceptional location between mountain and sea, and its beautiful gardens. If you have time, book an extra day so that you can enjoy a visit to San Remo and the Italian Riviera which is just across the border.

Day 8 | Nice – Toulon – Marseille
215.65 km*

Follow the coast to Toulon, a large harbor on the Mediterranean coast. The road is characterized by vertical cliffs interrupted by a number of attractive beaches. To the north rise the rugged limestone heights of the Provencal Ranges and Mount Fanon overlooks the great French naval port. Toulon’s historic center is located in the old town and is a pedestrian area with quaint narrow streets, small squares of many fountains, and old and well preserved buildings. Drive by mountain ridges rising from a forest of deciduous trees and continue to the port of Marseille for your overnight stay. Although Marseille’s history dates back to ancient Greece, because of its geographical proximity to North Africa and France’s colonial history there, which ended only in the 1960s, Marseille may be more deeply linked to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria than any non-African city. Some 120,000 to 150,000 people from those three countries – known collectively as the Maghreb- live in Marseille, a bustling and slightly raffish port city that offers fabulous restaurants and a variety of nightclubs and theaters. The city’s main thoroughfare, the wide boulevard Canabiere, stretches eastward from the Old Port. Try the local fish soup, Bouillabaisse, and drink the local alcoholic aniseed beverage, Pastis, found on every Marseilles table.

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Day 9 | Marseille – Arles – Camargue – Nimes – Languedoc – Carcassonne
328.31 km*

Leave Marseille for the city of Arles, proud of its traditions and famed for both its Roman and medieval heritage. Amongst the many fascinating sites to visit is the Theatre Antique dating back to 1st century BC and the Roman preserved amphitheater of Arenes with its capacity to hold 20,000 spectators. A few minutes from Arles you enter the botanical and zoological nature reserve of the fragrant Camargue with its exceptional variety of flora and fauna. Entering the Camargue is like its own little country with its herds of sheep, white horses and black bulls grazing in the fields. On to Nimes whose elegant and bustling boulevards are shaded by lotus trees. The Maison Carree, known as the Square House, is the purest and best preserved of all Roman temples. Bordering the spectacular coast of the Mediterranean Sea is the fascinating province of Langeudoc, with its rich wildlife, thermal springs, and ancient cities and chateaux. Continue your drive to the fairy tale city of Carcassonne where we have arranged your overnight stay. Carcassonne has been amazingly preserved and untouched since the Middle Ages.

Tourist Class Des Trois Courannes or similar

Day 10 | Carcassonne – Toulouse – Lourdes
247.84 km*

From Carcassonne drive through the heart of Southern France to Toulouse, both modern and proud of the legacy of its past. Its renowned university, founded in 1229, is one of the oldest in Europe. From Toulouse continue to the market town of Lourdes where we have arranged your overnight stay. In 1858 Bernadette Soubirous had the first of 18 visions which led to Lourdes becoming a world-famous center. Visit the Grotto of the Miracles (the site of the visions), the Fountains (Lourdes water collected by pilgrims) and the Pools.

Tourist Class Hotel Continental or similar

Day 11 | Lourdes – Biarritz
173.81 km*

Leave Lourdes for the Basque Coast resort of glamorous Biarritz, with its splendid beaches, promenades and gardens. A popular resort since the mid-19th century when Empress Eugenie and her husband, Napoleon III, chose it as their summer residence, and a favorite of Queen Victoria and of Edward VII.

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If you have the time book an extra night and drive the short distance to the Basque country of Spain and visit San Sebastian, Pamplona and Bilbao.

Day 12 | Biarritz – Bayonne – Bordeaux
207.6 km*

Close to Biarritz is the picturesque city of Bayonne. The River Nive runs through the city and is more like a main street with its many restaurants, squares and covered market on its quays or banks. Try the city’s famous sweet tasting Bayonne ham. Walk around the old town’s narrow streets with their half-timbered houses in the Basque style and soak up the atmosphere. Drive north through the pinewoods of Landes to Bordeaux for your overnight stay. Bordeaux has a picturesque historic center with a Grand Theatre (one of the finest in France), and many great restaurants and cafes. The city has played an important role in the affairs of France long before Versailles had been thought of. It was the English demand for wine under English rule that introduced Bordeaux to seafaring, and promoted the expansion of the area under vines. Even during the Hundred Years War claret continued to flow north to England, and right up to the 17th century the trade took the form of an annual event, with Dutch, as well as English shops participating. In the 18th century goods from the Caribbean added to the traffic, stimulating the development of the great port.

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Day 13 | Bordeaux – Saintes – La Rochelle
186.68 km*

Famous for its vineyards where wine has been produced since the 8th century, drive through Bordeaux’s glorious countryside to the beautiful town of Saintes, with its delightful medieval houses in typical narrow streets. Then on to one of the most beautiful places in France, La Rochelle, for your overnight stay. The port of La Rochelle is also the ancient province of Aunis and is a lively place, frequented by artists but still retaining a slightly secretive air characteristic of those French towns laid out on classical lines. Originating from a 11th century fort, during the centuries it was under almost continuous English rule and was an important trading center. Its cuisine is memorable for its delicious seafood, the speciality is a mussel stew called moulade.

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Day 14 | La Rochelle – Poitiers – Tours
241.4 km*

The old port of La Rochelle still has the towers which in the middle ages were used to protect its harbor. The town’s center is particularly beautiful with pale stone used for the majority of the buildings and many of the walkways. On to the ancient city of Poitiers, sitting on a hilltop overlooking two rivers. It is a country town of winding streets. pedestrian precincts, restaurants and pavement cafes, and wonderful central gardens, which make for comfortable sightseeing. Try a glass of the local Muscadet wine. From here drive to the city of Tours in the heart of the Loire Valley for your overnight stay. Built in white tufa and roofed in slate, the old dwellings of Tours fill the isthmus between the Loire and its tributary the Cher. Tours originated in Gaulish times becoming an important scene of trade and administration under the Romans.

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Day 15 | Tours – Loire Valley – Angers – Rennes – St. Malo
376.59 km*

From Tours your drive takes you through the beautiful Loire Valley, called the garden of France with its abundance of flowers, vineyards and rolling green hills dotted with over a thousand chateaux. Step back in history and feel the charm of its gentle pace of life. The largest of all the Loire Valley castles is the magnificent Renaissance Chambord. It is surrounded by an immense park and hunting preserve which can be visited by horsedrawn carriage. On the south bank of the Loire sits the pretty town of Amboise, built around a fortified chateau. At the manor house Clos-Luce Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life. On to Angers, the capital of the historic province of Anjou, and considered one of the most beautiful cities in France. At Castle Angers see the wonderful 14th century tapestry Tenture de l’Apocalypse. It is 140 meters long, the oldest and most important tapestry to have been preserved, and has been called “one of the greatest works of Western art”. Arrive in the city of Rennes, the capital of Brittany, which consists of grand public squares interspersed with intimate little alleys of half-timbered houses. Then to St. Malo for your overnight stay. It has some of the best seafood restaurants in Europe.

Tourist Class Hotel Du Louvre or similar

Day 16 | St. Malo – Mont St. Michel – D-Day Beaches – Bayeux – Deauville
270.37 km*

Make an early start for your visit to Mont St. Michel, one of the Wonders of the Western World. A dramatic island off the coast of Normandy linked to the mainland by a narrow causeway, it is an extraordinary site rich in history and has one of the most splendid abbeys of France. Despite Steven Spielberg’s endeavors it’s difficult to picture the dawn scene on D-Day, June 6th 1944, when the Allied troops landed along the coast of Normandy. Now, more than 60 years later, the Normandy coast is peaceful with lovely beaches and seaside towns with a background of old-fashioned farming landscapes of grazing cattle, hedges and farmhouses. However, memories of D-Day are everywhere with numerous D-Day related museums. Along the 50-mile stretch are remains of German gun emplacements and bunkers, while war memorials and monuments mark where the allied forces landed on the beaches. One feels compelled to stop along the way at one of the beautiful cemeteries overlooking the sea and countryside, and reflect on the human cost of war. Bayeux was the first French town to be liberated. It is the home of the Bayeux Tapestry, one of the oldest surviving complete tapestries in the world. This extraordinary masterpiece tells the story of William the Conqueror and 1066. Continue on to the glamorous haven for the rich and famous, the resort of Deauville for your overnight stay. Appreciate its yachting harbor, famous seafront boardwalk and casino – Dine and Dance in Deauville.

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Day 17 | Deauville – Honfleur – Jumieges – Rouen – Paris
238.18 km*

Take the coast road to Honfleur, one of the most picturesque fishing ports in France. Bathed in the soft light of the northern sea it has long been an attraction for famous artists and writers – in fact the many plaques throughout the town attest to this. Honfleur retains its timeless character. The lively old streets are lined with timber and stone houses and the old harbor (Vieux Bassin) shelters a fishing fleet as well as yachts. Worth a visit is the little town of Jumieges’ imposing ruins of an abbey founded in 654. Arrive at the ancient city of Rouen, which in Norman times was the home of William the Conquerer before he invaded England. It was in Rouen that Joan of Arc was tried and burned at the stake in 1431. The old town’s narrow streets, many pedestrianised, are lined with picturesque timber-framed houses. Continue your journey as you return to Paris for your overnight stay.

Tourist Class Hotel Charlemagne or similar or a Tourist Class Airport Hotel

Day 18 | Paris
0 km*

Return to the airport for your journey home

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