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Luxury Car Hire in Europe

Luxury Car Hire in Europe



European Voyages is your provider for luxury transportation services. If you would like to rent a luxury car, you have come to the right place. European Voyages offers extensive, competent and discreet services. Among them are the delivery to your home, hotel or to the airport. Of course, we are always happy to help you out with recommendations for routes, luxury hotels and the best restaurants.

If you don’t only want to rent a luxury car, but experience it intensively on a driving tour, we recommend the sports car tours by European Voyages. These exclusive packages go beyond a simple luxury car rental. They also contain carefully selected routes as well as restaurants and hotels on the highest level. Therefore, sports car tours by European Voyages are unforgettable experiences.

If you rent a luxury car but don’t want to drive on your own, we will gladly provide you with a chauffeur. Our limousine service is not your regular chauffeur service with only classic models like the Mercedes S Class or the Mercedes V Class. We also offer chauffeured services in exclusive vehicles like the Bentley Mulsanne or the Rolls Royce Wraith. Like this, your transfer will become a journey of pure comfort, security and reliability.


If instead of luxury car rental, you are looking for a private jet, our private jet charter services are at your service. You receive an offer individually tailored to your needs, destination and group size.

If you are longing for the sea, we offer luxury yachts to charter besides the luxury car rental services as well. Just ask our yacht charter department, they will be happy to consult you.

European Voyages – Unique Mobility Services. We live this slogan daily thanks to our broad range of services as well as the execution of the services. As a luxury car rental customer, we will always serve you in a professional and personal manner. We care for your well-being and love to fulfill special requests on a daily basis – because your journey, your transfer or your luxury car hire should be a unique experience.


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