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Spain Self Drive Tour

Spain Self Drive Tour

Discover Spain: 18 Days/17 Nights from Madrid to Madrid



Day 1 | Madrid – Pick up your rental car.
0 km*

Arrive in Madrid for your two-night stay and enjoy the warmth and welcome of one of the western world’s great capital cities. You can experience a living example at the Plaza Mayor. Every Spanish town and city has a main square, often lined by a covered arcade and accessible from adjoining streets through arches of the surrounding buildings. It is the hub of community life and the vast Plaza Mayor of Madrid was the setting for mounted bullfights and the proclamations of kings. Near the square are the lavish Royal Palace and the Opera House.

Tourist Class Hotel Victoria or similar (2 nights)

Day 2 | Madrid
0 km*

Madrid is home to many museums, palaces and gardens. The city has, in fact, 73 museums including the famous Prado which hosts one of the finest collections of art in the world. Stroll through the old Moorish quarter of Moreria. Madrid boasts many large parks and gardens, making it one of Europe’s greenest capitals. There is tempting shopping at the many select shops, as well as world-famous outlets offering the finest international brands. Feast on paella and tapas as you sample a wide variety of the finest Spanish specialties in the friendly ambience of the city’s bars and taverns.

Day 3 | Madrid – Segovia – Salamanca
281.63 km*

From Madrid see Spain at its best as you enter the ancient city of Segovia. Its medieval wall is itself bordered by two rivers and extensive parklands. The ancient city’s center is pedestrian only streets of twisting alleyways and a high concentration of Romanesque churches. North-west of the wall the Alcazar castle stands on a cliff overlooking the valley (it is said to have inspired Walt Disney), and on the south-east is the world renowned Roman Aqueduct – the largest and best preserved of its kind anywhere. Today’s journey ends in Salamanca for your overnight stay.

Tourist & Class Hotel Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca or similar

Day 4 | Salamanca – Leon
249.45 km*

Although it has the advantages of a large city, Salamanca maintains the intimacy of a village. This lovely university city of golden stone, domes and spires, narrow streets, splendid buildings and exuberantly rich facades is the home of the “purest” Spanish in Spain – Castilian. The Plaza Mayor is without doubt among the most beautiful in Spain and forms the real center of town where all the buildings, new and old, are made of the stone from Villamayor with its characteristic golden color. Leave Salamanca for a drive through the wooded and mountainous areas of the Province of Leon. Although the area was inhabited by the Moors, it was the Knights Templar who built castles and fortifications here in the Middle Ages. Its city walls of Roman and Medieval construction are very impressive, as is the spectacular Cathedral in the City of Leon, where we have arranged your overnight stay. This evening try the local cuisine of roasted lamb or roast suckling pig.

Tourist & First Class Hotel AC Ponferrada or similar

Day 5 | Leon – Santiago de Compostela
265.54 km*

Your journey today takes you to the province of Galicia for one of Spain’s most monumental cities, Santiago de Compostela, where we have arranged your overnight stay. Its name and fame derives from Saint James the Apostle, whose holy relics are believed to be enshrined under the alter of Santiago’s Cathedral. Throughout history until today the Cathedral has been the final destination of the legendary Medieval Pilgrimage Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James).

Tourist Class Hotel Rosa Rosae or similar

Day 6 | Santiago de Compostela – Oviedo
326.7 km*

Today”s drive takes you to the provence of Asturias and Oviedo, the economic and capital built on a rise in the middle of a furtile green basin with the added attraction of a large park at its center. Oviedo was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturia in the 9th and 10th centuries, and then in 1230 was finally incorporated into Castillia. We have arranged your overnight stay in Oviedo.

Tourist Class El Magistral or similar

Day 7 | Oviedo – Bilbao – San Sebastian
381.41 km*

Drive through fertile landscapes of forests and mountains into the Basque country and on to Bilbao, a city of overwhelming vitality and home to the world famous Guggenheim Museum. The American architect Frank Gehry designed the museum in the curvaceous, free-form sculptural style that has become his signature. Located alongside the Nervion River, which runs through the city, it is made of glass, titanium and limestone and has been called “the greatest building of our time”. The museum features both permanent and visiting exhibits of both Spanish and international artists. Your day continues as you drive through the countryside to San Sebastian, where we have arranged your overnight stay and where the Belle Epoque is still alive. Renowned for its beauty, rich cultural activities, fine cuisine and old-world ambience, it is ideally situated on the Bay of Biscay. The charming old quarter is bursting with cafes, bars and restaurants, and many balconies dating back to the Middle Ages that were then rented to spectators for viewing the bull fighting that would take place in the square. The Basque country offers some of the best Michelin starred cuisine in Spain. The essence of San Sebastian cuisine is traditional and indulgent. There are many traditional and quaint restaurants as well as many tapas bars, which are so much a part of the culture and social scene of the country. Served all day every day at bars and cafes tapas are the local appetizers, snacks and finger food

Tourist Class Hotel Codina or similar

Day 8 | San Sebastian – Pamplona – Zaragoza
265.54 km*

Today’s drive to Pamplona will take you by the picturesque mountain ranges of the Navarra region. Pamplona was made famous by Hemmingway’s description of the Festival of San Fermin, the Running of the Bulls, which is celebrated every July. The city’s 16th century town-walls are still here today, and as the backbone of the town they serve as a good orientation for walks as you sightsee. From Pamplona continue your drive through impressive landscapes and picturesque villages from Navarra into Aragon and on to Zaragoza for your overnight stay. One of the great monumental towns in Spain, Zaragoza was founded some 2000 years ago and Old-Iberians, Romans, Goths and Arabians have all left their mark. The Palacio de la Aljaferia is a splendid palace and is one of the very few remaining Moorish buildings. Enjoy your evening as you dine on wonderful food and drink the local rose wine in the relaxed atmosphere of a medieval square

Tourist Class Hotel Oriente or similar

Day 9 | Zaragoza – Barcelona
308.99 km*

This morning’s drive takes you from Spanish speaking Aragon to Catalonia, with its own language, customs and cuisine. Pass the monasteries of Poblet and SantesCreus which are well worth a visit. Continue on to the exciting Mediterranean city of Barcelona, where we have arranged your overnight accommodation. Its history dates back to the 2nd century B.C. but you can also see breathtaking modernist architecture. See the famous Gaudi’s La SacradaFamillia with its four amazing towers. The square of SantJaume was the Forum at the time of the Romans. At the Plaza del Rei is the Palacio Real Mayor, originally the palace of the Counts of Barcelona where Christopher Columbus is said to have been received by the king after returning from America. The 2 km boulevard Las Ramblas is perhaps quintessential Barcelona, where you will find all aspects of social life from small stands selling vegetables and flowers to many cafes, art galleries, street performers and some of the great theater of the city. At the end of Las Ramblas is El Puerto (the port), dominated by the tower of Colon from the top of which there is a fantastic view over the city. Barcelona offers a huge variety of things to do and see, flamboyant culture and fine Catalonian and Spanish cuisine. Catalan cuisine is some of the finest regional food in Spain. Try the famous shellfish dish in a white wine sauce called Zarzuela

Tourist Class Catalonia Castellnou

Day 10 | Barcelona – Tarragona – Peniscola – Valencia
394.29 km*

The ancient city of Tarragona on the shores of the Mediterranean is considered the most important Roman town in Spain. One of its most notable landmarks is the Roman Amphitheater dating back to 2 BC. Stand in the center and imagine gladiators fighting each other, and beasts, to their death. Driving parallel to the Mediterranean coast and worth a stop is Peniscola. Here you can visit the Templar Castle, an excellent example of a medieval castle with its moat and flag hall. Your day ends in Valencia, where we have arranged your overnight stay. This is the city where Spain’s national hero El Cid fought against the Moors. The octagonal bell-tower, the Micalet, is the landmark of the city from which a great view encompasses some 300 more bell-towers. “City of Arts and Sciences” is a newly constructed area boasting extravagant architecture. As you explore the ramparts and narrow winding streets of the old town you can shop for souvenirs in the antique shops, artist studios and pottery stores that line the streets, together with many bars and outside restaurants. You cannot leave Valencia without sampling its most famous dish, Paella Valenciana.

Tourist Class Ad Hoc Monumental or similar

Day 11 | Valencia – Murcia
260.71 km*

Drive through fertile market-garden areas to Murcia, a city founded in 831 and one of Spain’s least known region even among Spaniards themselves who are surprised by the diversity of this small region and the friendliness of its people, Murcianos. A university town, whose pedestrian areas cover most of the old town with wide avenues and walks (Paseo del Malecon) from the original core of medieval streets, it is the most perfect city for strolling around as everything worth seeing is within walking distance. Here, in the old quarter, is the most sumptuous Calle de la Traperia, a late 19th century building with an inner Moorish patio and elaborate decorations. Murcia Cathedral is a masterpiece from the Spanish Barroque period. Among the city’s many museums is The MuseoSalzillo which possesses many of Francisco Salzillo’s (a famous son of Murcia) religious masterpieces of wood carvings and terracotta sculptures. Murcia’s fruits and market-garden products are important to its economy. The city is famous for its excellent tapas, some of the most interesting in the whole of Spain, served at a large number of bars and taverns especially in the area around the Plaza de Flores (Flowers Square).

Tourist Class Hoelzenit or similar

Day 12 | Murcia – Andalucia – Granada
280.03 km*

Continue your journey from Murcia into Andalucia and to the beautiful city of Granada, where we have arranged your overnight stay. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Grenada’s most brilliant jewel of Muslim architecture is the Alhambra (Red Castle). One of the most remarkable fortresses ever built, it contains a series of palaces and gardens including the beautiful summer palace, Generalife, set amidst fountains and cool green water gardens. The hill facing the Alhambra is the old Moorish casbah, a fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and whitewashed houses with secluded inner gardens. End your day as you feast on fine food, and enjoy traditional Spanish Gypsy Flamenco in the place where it began. Try the region’s specialty of Jamon de trevelez, a snow-cured ham from the high mountain ranges around Granada. To accompany the local dishes try the wines which are produced in the Contraviesa Sierra, Grenada.

Tourist Class Hotel Zerbinetta or similar

Day 13 | Granada – Malaga – Marbella
189.9 km*

From Granada drive south through the distinctive Andalucian countryside to the port city of Malaga on the Costa del Sol. La Alcazaba, a military fortress, sits on a hilltop with a good view of the town and sea. Follow the coastline of the Costa del Sol to Marbella, a favored haunt of the rich and famous, and where we have arranged a two-night stay. Although the area is steeped in history with many fascinating places of interest, Marbella has gained its worldwide reputation for the glitz and glamour of its seafront “Golden Mile”. Here at Puerto Banus are bars and fabulous restaurants where alongside you can see the most extravagant yachts. Head into the charming old quarter and explore the narrow streets with their jumble of bars, bistros, shops and galleries.

Tourist Class Hotel NH San Pedro or similar (2 nights)

Day 14 | Marbella at Leisure
0 km*

Relax on the beautiful beaches. It’s also a great place to shop for high fashion, especially leather goods from purses to shoes to coats, and souvenirs. Time to play golf at this golfer’s paradise. Enjoy people watching as you sit at one of the many outdoor cafes. Try the delicious local cuisine at one of the oceanfront restaurants – barbequed baby lamb and the freshest of vegetables. A focal point of the Old Town is the lovely Orange Square, with its ancient stately buildings, tall trees and exotic tropical plants partially surrounded by the ruins of the old Arab Wall. Notwithstanding all the glitter and glamour, a short drive into the foothills will take you to Casares, an authentic Andalucian picture postcard village with its white sugar-cube buildings piled precariously high clinging to a hillside near the battlements of an Arabian castle.

Day 15 | Marbella – Gibraltar – Cadiz – Seville
328.31 km*

Leave the glitz of Marbella for unique Gibraltar, one of the last remaining outposts of the British Empire. The Rock of Gibraltar is an impressive sight towering above the surrounding countryside. From here you can easily see the North African coast.

Leave the peninsula of Gibraltar for the bastion of Cadiz. Founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, it is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. The seaside promenade looks out over the sea and alongside are beautiful public gardens. From Cadiz your drive takes you across Anadalucia to Seville, certainly one of the most beloved places to visit in Spain, where we have arranged your overnight stay. The Moorish influence is most evident, it was a cultural center long ago when the Phoenicians and Carthaginians settled here and later the Romans. Seville was home to such famous figures as Don Juan, and from a nearby port Columbus set out to discover the New World. Seville is the very heart of Andalucian culture, the center of bullfighting and of Flamenco music. Take time for a glass of Sherry and tapas, the typical Spanish small dishes, at one of the many bars in the city. Walk through the shady lanes between beautiful buildings with courtyards filled with flowers in the Barrio Santa Cruz, the romantic historical center of Seville, formerly the district of Moors and Jews. Amongst the city’s major monuments is the immense Cathedral, the third largest in the world, and the beautiful Kings’ Palace Alcazar which is typical Moorish in style.

Tourist Class Hotel Bellavista or similar

Day 16 | Seville – Cordoba – Toledo
489.24 km*

The lively town of Cordoba has an exciting and surprising past and was once one of Europe’s capitals, with its people of different cultures and religions – Jews, Muslims and Christians – living peacefully together. The Mezquita-Catedral is a cathedral within a mosque. Cordoba’s old Jewish quarter, the Juderia, consists of a fascinating network of narrow lanes, whitewashed walls spilling with brilliant flowers and delicate window grilles. At the center of the quarter is the Synagogue, only one of two originals remaining in Spain today. Your journey then continues to the ancient city of Toledo, located on a mountaintop near the Tagus River, where we have arranged your overnight stay. For your dinner this evening try the tasty La Mancha specialties with the fine products from the area. QuesoManchego is a very mature cheese made in the area and the unique flavor of marzipan figuritas is a special dessert of the region. Try the region’s wines D.O.C.La Mancha or Mentrida.

Tourist Class Hotel Abaceria or similar

Day 17 | Toledo – Madrid
140.01 km*

A city with the greatest wealth of monuments makes Toledo a real open-air museum, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. One of the many interesting historical sites is the Alcazar, a stone fortification once used as a Roman palace. From Toledo it is a short drive back to Madrid for your overnight stay.

Tourist Class Hotel Victoria or similar, or a Tourist Class Airport Hotel
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