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Rail Tours

Rail Tours

Europe is a fascinating continent. It offers many different cultures, wonderful scenery and world-renowned cities. All of this is well connected by train. When traveling through Europe, from golden beaches to snow-covered mountains, the train is your best friend. Let us show you where you can go and why exploring Europe by train is an unforgettable experience!

Popular Routes: Europe has many cities to choose from and many routes to travel. To give you some ideas of where to go, we’ve listed the twenty most popular train routes among Eurail travelers. These routes are popular for a reason, taking in world-class cities, glorious scenery and an abundance of must-see sights!

Amsterdam to Berlin: Beautiful Amsterdam and lively Berlin are two very well connected capitals. Hop on board a direct train from Amsterdam’s picturesque canals to the hip and happening centre of Berlin. World-famous museums and an eclectic night life are waiting for you!

Amsterdam to Brussels: Capital cities Amsterdam and Brussels are surprisingly close to each other, the trip taking as little as two hours by train. Take this train, from Amsterdam’s charming canals to Brussels, the exciting political heart of Europe.

Barcelona to Gijon: Barcelona and Gijon are two stunning coastal cities in Spain. Traveling by train between them allows you to see the rich cultural diversity that Spain has to offer.

Berlin to Prague: Berlin and Prague are two of Europe’s most fascinating cities. They may seem a million miles apart, but traveling between them is both quick and easy. A direct train will take you from Germany’s hip capital to the quaint old city of Prague.

London to Paris: London is a popular starting point for many travelers on their European vacation. A short and comfortable train ride connects the British capital with France’s city of love, Paris.

Madrid to Barcelona: Spain’s two biggest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, are well-connected by train, allowing visitors to travel between them with great ease. Have a pleasant journey between two of Spain’s – and Europe’s – most iconic cities.

Madrid to Granada: Madrid and Granada are two of Spain’s best-loved cities and are well connected by high-speed train. Savour Madrid’s tapas on the Plaza Mayor square and marvel over Granada’s crown jewel – the Alhambra palace. Traveling by train between Madrid and Granada is easy, affordable and fast.

Madrid to Malaga: A visit to the culturally rich capital of Madrid and the Mediterranean city of Malaga ensures you’ll get the full flavor of the Spanish experience. Let us show you the best ways to travel between these cities and how you can have a comfortable and easy journey.

Munich to Salzburg: Just a short train ride separates Germany’s beer brewing city Munich and Austria’s Salzburg – home to the Sound of Music. The journey takes just a couple of hours by modern high-speed train.

Paris to Amsterdam: The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is only a short train ride away from Paris. You can eat croissants beneath the Eiffel Tower in the morning and cruise through Amsterdam’s canals in the afternoon. Let us tell you what your travel options are and how you can have a smooth and pleasant journey by train.

Paris to Barcelona: Paris and Barcelona are two of the most visited cities in Europe. They may seem far apart, but traveling between these cultural highlights is both quick and easy. A direct train will take you from romantic Paris to the enchanting streets of Barcelona.

Paris to Geneva: A visit to France’s capital Paris and the Swiss lakeside city of Geneva is a trip you’ll never forget. Traveling by train between these two cities is both quick and easy.

Paris to Rome: Visits to magnificent Paris and the Eternal City of Rome are often at the top of a traveler’s to-do list. Although these cities are far apart, they are very well connected by train. Let us tell you everything you need to know to make this wonderful journey for yourself.

Prague to Vienna: The bohemian atmosphere of Prague and the stunning architecture of Vienna are highlights of any European trip. Traveling by train between these capitals is easy, affordable and fast.

Rome to Florence: Rome and Florence are two of the most beautiful and historically important cities in Italy. Traveling by train between them is easy, affordable and fast.

Rome to Milan: Rome and Milan are two of the most popular destinations in Europe. Traveling by train between Italy’s actual capital and its shopping capital is easy, affordable and fast.

Rome to Venice: Two of Italy’s finest cities, Rome and Venice, are only a short train ride apart. Delve into Rome’s centuries-old historical sites by day and enjoy a romantic gondola ride in Venice by night. Traveling by train between Rome and Venice is easy, affordable and fast.

Venice to Milan: The floating city of Venice and shopping capital Milan are two of Italy’s most popular cities. Traveling between them by train is both easy and quick.

Vienna to Budapest: Vienna and Budapest, two of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, are just a short train ride apart. Traveling between these cities is easy, affordable and fast.

Vienna to Venice: The splendor of Vienna and the famous canals of Venice are not to be missed on any European trip. Luckily both cities are well connected by train.

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