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Chamonix Ski School / Ski Lessons

Chamonix Ski School / Ski Lessons

Ski School in Chamonix

Boost your confidence. Improve your skills and technique. Challenge your personal boundaries. No matter what level rider you are, taking lessons will make a huge difference to your snowboarding experience. From beginners to experts, there is always something new to try out! The technique is based on the biomechanics of the human body, physical laws and mechanics of snowboarding. The concept of the courses is building your skills and confidence to enable you to ride the whole mountain and not be restricted to terrain. Although you might be convinced you can learn snowboarding on your own, with the courses you will learn faster, safer and with less chances of injuries. You will be able to explore the slopes and backcountry on your own in no-time! We welcome all levels and age groups. If you are not sure what your level is, check out the levels below.

•    LEVEL 1 – BEGINNER: You have never been on a board before, you have a few days of riding experience or you want to start all over again. We start with the basic skills and make sure you build confidence, have fun and you can make some turns.

•    LEVEL 2 – BEGINNER: You have some experience and you have better control over your board, being able to slide on both edges and making some turns, but having difficulty linking them from one side to the other.

•    LEVEL 3 – INTERMEDIATE: You can make turns, regularly linking them to the other, you have good control and a more solid balance, mostly on blue and sometimes red slopes. You want to improve your riding, make it look easier, and start exploring the mountain and offpistes.

•    LEVEL 4 – ADVANCE: You can say you are a good rider, you are confidently riding all slopes and off-pistes with balance and control, no matter the terrain nor conditions. You also do some basic freestyle tricks and understand the dynamics of coordination.

•    LEVEL 5 – EXPERT: With your experience, you know your limits and you know where you want to go. Fine-tuning your skills with expert coaching, whether in the park or in the backcountry, can be just what you need to push your limits.

•    Half day (3h)
•    Instruction/Coaching
•    Levels 1 to 5
•    Morning/afternoon

•    Complete day (6h)
•    Instruction/Coaching
•    Levels 1 to 5

•    Instruction/Coaching
•    Levels 3 to 5
•    Safety equipment included

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